When your car pays for parking

Driverless cars are all over the media: there isn't a single technology firm that's not addressing the subject. SIX, however, is going one step further. In partnership with specialist automotive think tank Rinspeed, it is looking at all the things people could do with their new-found leisure time in the car.

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Bet that feels good after a long day at the office.

Feeling hungry? Use the touchscreen to order a meal at your favorite restaurant and pay with a single gesture. A perfectly cooked meal will be served when you arrive. And finally: Did we mention that you would be doing all of this in your car, as you drive through the city? Or more accurately, as your car drives you. Welcome to the future.

Your car will tell the restaurant what time you will be arriving. A table will be reserved for you by the window. The screen will show you the parking spots that are available close to the restaurant:  you just need to choose which one you like. The parking meter will be paid automatically as you drive away.

You set off homewards, well fed and contented. Why not give your car a treat too: head to the car wash, but without any queuing. How? The payment is made as you enter, using the integrated contactless terminal in the rear-view mirror.etos

Just around the corner is the supermarket where you did your shopping this morning on the way to work, from the comfort of your car. The car pulls over and your purchases are loaded into the trunk of your car.

Though you should now be heading straight home, it would be nice to have some fresh flowers. Simply select the most attractive bouquet on your touchscreen and let your driverless car do the rest, including paying. The delivery drone will run the errand.

All your needs have been taken care of. You can now make yourself comfortable and look forward to a nice evening. The car now turns into your street. How does it feel to arrive back at your house feeling relaxed and knowing that all the chores have been done?

Being able to choose to do whatever you want, whenever you want – that is what the future holds. SIX is doing its part, by providing flexible cashless payment technologies. Flexibility means being ready for potential uses that we haven't even conceived of yet.