Your customer is here. And here. And here too.

Times change and today the customer calls the tune. You know how the saying goes: Be where the customers are. But where are they? And how do you get there?

The answer to the question of where your customers are sounds simple: They are everywhere, and all the time. However, this new mobility goes hand in hand with increased expectations. Today's customer wants an all-inclusive shopping experience – regardless of the channel or time of day. The answer to last question is bit more complicated. But it is feasible. The magic word is omni-channel.

What omni-channel offers

A happy customer is a good customer – a fact that numbers confirm: Omni-channel customers are loyal and spend up to 300% more. This comes as no surprise. Omni-channel customers not only have more touchpoints, they also prefer to buy because they can shop exactly the way they want. And thanks to excellent data provided by the omni-channel strategy, they also receive truly tailored offers, whenever and wherever it's convenient for them. The real numbers behind it:

  • If shop customers can order items online that are sold out in the store, sales increases by up to 2%.

  • If customers order online and pick up the item in the store, then approximately 30% make additional, unplanned purchases in the store.

  • The card information can be saved centrally so that the customer won't always have to provide this information for online or mobile payments. This simplified check-out can cut the number of abandoned transactions by up to 50%.

  • If the customer can return an item purchased online at the store, cross-selling is made easier.

SIX takes you to your customers

SIX enables you to implement your omni-channel strategy by offering you the right payment solutions for all your channels. They are seamlessly integrated into your peripheral systems and come with an easy-to-use back office tool. How SIX can help:

  • Reduced administrative hassle with one provider, one solution and one report.

  • Fewer slow and error-prone manual process steps.

  • Quicker payment in all channels – and thus shorter waiting times at the store.

  • Seamless integration into existing systems.
  • A wide range of payment methods, including regional ones, are accepted.
  • Tokenization of card data: Among other things, this ensures that your payment processes are PCI-compliant, allowing for the collection of customer data across all channels.
  • Future-oriented payment solutions.
  • Numerous useful features that provide your customers with real added value.
  • Everything from a single source: You have a partner for everything that has to do with cashless payments.
The success of your omni-channel strategy depends largely on whether the systems involved are fully integrated, work together and can exchange data. You can ensure these three things by choosing a partner who can offer as much as possible from a single source – like SIX, which can provide everything you need for cashless payments.