Success of mobile payment model

Thanks to mobile devices we all enjoy greater flexibility and freedom. Indeed, smart phones and tablets have quickly become essential rather than useful items. SIX Payment Services is consequently at the forefront when it comes to the development of ground-breaking mobile payment processes.

SIX already has two successful mobile payment solutions on the market – though only in Switzerland for now: mCashier and Paymit. Other products are in the pilot phase.

Download the app, order the card reader – and you're all set

The mCashier mobile payment solution makes accepting card payments simple and inexpensive and is particularly suitable for merchants who in the past accepted cash only. It consists of a mobile app and a card reader, which are linked to the merchant's smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Based on the success of mCashier in Switzerland, SIX is already developing a similar solution for medium-sized firms as well as large multinational companies. The solution will be cash-register-integrated and web-based. It enables transactions to be processed on a mobile basis but to be fully integrated with all peripheral systems – and with minimal infrastructure costs.

Payments with a smartphone

With 200,000 downloads to date, Paymit from SIX Payment Services has become Switzerland's most frequently used payment app in just one year. Paymit was launched in May 2015 as a mobile solution for payments between private individuals. It will be expanded in the coming months: Thus smartphone users will soon be able to pay in stores and eateries as well as at unstaffed points of sale or online.

Simplified check-in thanks to innovative app from prizeotel

Designer hotel chain prizeotel, which has hotels in Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover, has developed a new check-in process in collaboration with SIX and other partners: it's mobile, simple and above all fast. The key feature is an app that the guest can use to book a room and pay for straight away. On the day of arrival, the guest is sent the room number by push mail and as soon as they enter the hotel they are identified and checked in immediately. At this point the smartphone becomes the room key and no time needs to be spent waiting at reception. The app's payment function is integrated with the rest of prizeotel's payment infrastructure, also sourced from SIX Payment Services. This ensures centralized, seamless and automated transaction processing and reduces the amount of administrative work that is needed.

To round off the pay concept, the Internet booking engine and terminals for stationary payment on site were integrated into the hotel system (PMS). Thus the guest can also pay in the traditional way and all booking types are centralized. This enables prizeotel to ensure a seamless link between all payment types in the PMS.

Whether as standalone solutions for fast, cost-effective use, or fully integrated yet flexible payment options: in future we will all be paying not only on a cashless but also a mobile basis. That's why SIX Payment Services is already working on the relevant payment solutions right now.