SIX Payment Services launches yoximo mobile payment terminal

The first payment terminal in Switzerland with intelligent communication switching function

Today's sales launch of the yoximo terminal represents a technological step forwards for SIX in the field of mobile terminals for cashless payments with cards. One of the device's practical features is that it is the first payment terminal in Switzerland to be able to automatically switch between a mobile and Wi-Fi connection.

SIX Payment Services is launching the yoximo mobile payment terminal featuring state-of-the-art technology across Europe, replacing the widely used xentissimo model. With the launch of yoximo, SIX are putting all of their trust in the latest standards – from the mobile connection (3G) to the security certification (PCI PTS 3.x), with the latter guaranteeing long-term investment protection until 2023. A major advantage of the new model is the new intelligent switching function, which allows the device to guarantee fast payment processes regardless of location by switching be-tween mobile and Wi-Fi connections.

Swiss consumers will soon be able to make pay-ments using yoximo in many taxis, restaurants and retail stores. This has been in the offing ever since the successful pre-sale campaign started in January 2014. SIX will be sending out the first yoximo terminals to its customers today.