Only the best – Beliani

Stephan Widmer wants the Beliani e-shop to make life – or at least buying furniture – easier for his customers. He believes that a positive shopping experience includes a simple, reliable payment process. That is where SIX Payment Services comes in.

The Widmer brothers have been entrepreneurs since their childhood. Their parents didn't give them pocket money, so they had to be resourceful. The enterprising brothers now run the Beliani online furniture store, which currently sells designer furniture at bargain prices in eleven countries.

But the Beliani business model is not just based on designer items at affordable prices. The retail process is also slick – and that includes a fast and secure payment process. The brothers rely on SIX Payment Services for that part. They can expand into new countries, confident that with SIX they will be able to offer tailored payment solutions and their success need not be limited by national borders.