Added security thanks to PCI DSS

Compliance with the following requirements is mandatory:

Setup and maintenance of secure networks and systems

Requirement 1: Installation and maintenance of a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data

Requirement 2: Agreement not to use any standard settings for system passwords and other security parameters supplied by the provider

Protection of cardholder data

Requirement 3: Protection of saved cardholder data

Requirement 4: Encryption during transmission of cardholder data via open, public networks

Maintenance of a vulnerability management program

Requirement 5: Protection of all systems against malware and regular updates of antivirus software and programs

Requirement 6: Development and maintenance of secure systems and applications

Implementation of strict access control measures

Requirement 7: Restriction of access to cardholder data based on business information requirements

Requirement 8: Identification and authentication of access to system components

Requirement 9: Restriction of physical access to cardholder data

Regular monitoring and regular testing of networks

Requirement 10: Tracking and monitoring of overall access to network resources and cardholder data

Requirement 11: Regular testing of security systems and processes

Compliance with an information security guideline

Requirement 12: Application of an information security guideline for the entire workforce