Where everything comes together – the data center operated by SIX

Where everything comes together – the data center operated by SIX

Countless systems are running in the background to ensure that cashless payments can be processed reliably and securely in a matter of seconds. Of course, your customers don't notice any of this. Read on to find out what it takes to process payments in a safe and reliable manner.

A glimpse behind the scenes at the data center operated by SIX: The data center operated by SIX is the control center for card-based electronic payment transactions in Switzerland. SIX is also one of the biggest transaction processors in the whole of Europe. And many people do not realize that SIX processes the financial transactions between the Swiss banks and other European financial institutions, in addition to all of Switzerland's securities trading plus financial information for stock exchanges worldwide. All of these services require huge server capacities. 

The big numbers

How about a few figures?

7 000 000

SIX processes 7 million card payments a day.

9 000 000

Our servers analyse data for around 9 million financial instruments.

260 000 000 000

Each day, an average of 260 billion Swiss francs flows through the interbank payment system operated by SIX.

73 000 000 000 000

The servers at SIX save 73 terabytes of back-up data each day.

1 600 000 000 000 000

This is the amount of storage capacity available in the disk space owned by SIX. How do you express this unimaginable number in words? You can read it out as: 1.6 petabytes.

12 500 000 000

The data center operated by SIX processes 12.5 billion instructions per second.


And here is the smallest number. It takes 0.000037 microseconds for a trade to be executed via the stock exchange infrastructure. The Swiss stock exchange is the fastest in the world. All thanks to the infrastructure built up by SIX.

Infrastructure dimensions

The infrastructure built up by SIX is particularly well protected in order to ensure that these massive amounts of data are processed securely. The premises used by SIX in Switzerland are high-security areas. Strict access control is absolutely vital and no one can enter without an official invitation. In parts of the building where especially sensitive data is processed, authorized personnel must undergo an iris scan before being allowed in. SIX generates the PIN codes for Maestro credit cards in a separate room in Zurich. People may only enter this room in pairs, for security reasons. And of course, there are no photos of this room, because photography is not allowed. 

All under control

Furthermore, there is an extensive emergency plan in place to ensure that server capacity is constantly available. Data processing must continue at all times. If a partial power cut occurs, there are four diesel engines capable of generating all the electricity needed. If the entire center suffers a power failure, there is an identical server landscape at a second site. In the event of an incident covering an even larger area, there is actually a third site to which SIX can switch operations. The control center run by SIX operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our teams of specialists work round the clock diligently to ensure that your transactions are processed reliably, securely and rapidly. All in all, SIX is thus able to guarantee system stability of more than 99.9%.