How high? How much? What trends?

How high? How much? What trends?

Outstanding figures and trends – SIX Payment Services in 2014. We have compiled some figures for you.

We process cashless transactions for our merchants and bank customers around the clock. This generates some impressive figures.

How many transactions were there?

SIX Payment Services processed 3.16 billion card transactions worldwide, up 5.9% up on the previous year.

How many different cards were used?

The number of cards processed was 25.7 million. This equates to a year-on-year increase of around 2%.

What was the strongest day?

In 2014, as in the previous years, the strongest day was in the run-up to Christmas. The most successful day of the year was – hardly surprisingly – 23 December. That day, SIX processed 5.6 million transactions corresponding to a volume of EUR 474 million.

How many new terminals?

We installed more than 30,000 new terminals in 2014. In Germany and Austria in particular, we equipped some large companies including Rewe and Deichmann. 4,000 payment terminals were replaced by latest-generation terminals.


As the easily copied magnetic strip is still in use instead of the microchip in many countries, especially the US and some emerging economies, SIX introduced the geoblocking function. Thanks to this new function, the number of skimming attacks on ATMs, ticket machines and petrol pump terminals in Switzerland and Austria was massively reduced in 2014 – by an impressive 90%.  

What trends were there?

What did 2014 teach us? Which trends warrant special mention? Customers increasingly want to be able to make purchases anywhere in real time. Mobile phones and tablets will continue to play an ever-growing role in 2015; they are also giving merchants even more opportunities to combine the online and offline worlds with one another. Alternative methods of payment such as mCashier will become more and more prevalent. The mobile mini payment terminal, which SIX launched on the Swiss market at the end of 2014, enables small merchants such as pizza couriers and flea market stallholders to offer card payments without the need for any major infrastructure. With the help of a small card reader and an app, smartphones and tablets can function as a card payment terminal, in line with the trend towards tablet-supported assistance and payment. Paying at the cash register is becoming even faster and more convenient as well thanks to contactless payments with NFC (near field communication). There will be no shortage of innovative payment methods going forward!