Only the best

Silvia is a born businesswoman: dedicated, customer-focused and service-oriented. The majority of her customers are foreign and expect impeccable service – an expectation that includes card payments.

The town of Interlaken in the beautiful Bernese Oberland is one of Switzerland's leading tourist centers. Tourism means souvenir shops, and Silvia Schneider runs four shops in the town center. Visitors usually come to the shops in groups, so simplicity, speed and reliability are crucial. All the more so when it comes to card payments, given that foreign visitors usually pay by card. To this end, Silvia Schneider's shops are equipped with multiple mobile and fixed payment terminals, and she has an acquiring contract with SIX Payment Services. Secure and reliable payment transactions combined with round-the-clock professional assistance are a top priority for Silvia.

SIX helps Silvia to give her customers the best possible service.