What makes a good webshop?

In webshops, purchases are frequently broken off before they are completed. But it needn't be that way. We show you what you can do so that customers actually proceed to buy the items in their baskets.

When shopping online, customers often leave full baskets unpurchased. This is a well-known phenomenon – and one which leaves a major dent in online retailers' profits. What can be done about this? What do customers expect from online stores? If you take the needs of customers seriously and heed these recommendations, you can look forward to a healthy boost in sales.

Give your customers an overview

  • Customers want to know where they are in the purchasing process. Show them precisely how many steps there are until the purchase and what point they are at in the process. Number the steps and display this graphically.
  • Customers want to be able to check at any time which products they have selected. This means that, when checking out, an image and detailed information on the product are indispensable. This allows customers to confirm whether they have chosen the correct shoe size, for instance.
  • Let customers know when they can expect to receive their delivery. Also notify them of any shipping costs they may incur. This transparency will pay off.

Give your customers freedom

  • Make it possible for your customers to go back a step at any time, for example to interrupt the payment process and resume shopping.
  • Give your customers the opportunity to make changes to their order at any time.
  • Freedom also means not forcing customers to register with you. Also offer a checkout for non-registered users.

Provide support and contact details

  • Make sure your customers can find contact details on your website at all times. It is important to respond to e-mail queries quickly and to ensure that you can actually be contacted on the numbers provided.

Make the costs transparent

  • Customers want to know what the cost will be. Make all cost items transparent, if possible right from the start.
  • If you have any discount codes or are running promotions, make sure these actually work. If customers go in search of a promotion but are unable to find it, it is highly likely they will break off the transaction.

Use the most secure systems available

  • Security is the top priority. This includes having your webshop run via an SSL-encrypted website.
  • The most effective method is 3D Secure ("Verified by Visa", "MasterCard SecureCode" or "American Express SafeKey"), since the additional authentication step when entering the card data protects both you and your customers against misuse.
  • Choose a payment service provider solution that is certified according to the PCI DSS standard. This includes rules on the responsible handling of customer data. You should make the corresponding seal clearly visible on your website; it is an important hallmark of quality.

Offer all established payment options

  • Give customers the option of choosing between various payment methods. This is the most effective way to reduce the number of abandoned transactions. If customers can't find their preferred payment method, the chances are they will abandon their basket. Make it possible for them to pay by credit card or debit card.
  • Digital wallet services such as MasterPass make it even easier and more convenient for your customers to pay. They provide customers with a one-click checkout function, and give them convenient access to their payment details.
  • Offering your customers the option of paying in their own currency is another major plus.

Be proactive

  • Send a binding order confirmation by e-mail that customers can print out.
  • Monitor what is going on at the checkout. If everything here is going smoothly, then that means money in the bank.
  • A webshop should always contain a legal notice and general terms and conditions that comply with the legal requirements in your country.

Encourage social commerce

  • Give your customers the opportunity on your website to review products and thus to act as ambassadors for your company and your services.