SIX proudly presents: the new yomani XR has arrived!

The yomani XR is the new point-of-sale terminal from SIX. It combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative design and boasts multiple intuitive features.

The new yomani XR will make you and your company fit for the future and convince your customers to make cashless payments more often, saving valuable time not only for your customers, but also for you. You have three models to choose from:

yomani XR PINPAD, which is integrated directly into your point-of-sale solution, is ideal for high-traffic checkout environments thanks to rapid payment processing.

yomani XR AUTONOM, which features a separate retailer unit, can be installed quickly and easily regardless of your point-of-sale system.

yomani XR COMPACT is a space-saving alternative with an integrated printer that can likewise be used at all points of sale.

All yomani XR models are PCI-DSS-certified until 2023, guaranteeing the long-term security of your investment. In addition, all yomani XR terminals are equipped as standard with a contactless reader for NFC-based transactions (Near field communication is an international transmission standard for exchanging data via wireless technology over short distances of a few centimetres).