Online shopping study – smartphones are becoming our most important companion

Online shopping study – smartphones are becoming our most important companion

A new study sheds light on shopping habits and expectations of Internet users from 17 countries.

Online shoppers have more and more end devices they use to make their purchases, but at the same time they also want a more personalized shopping experience This is one of the findings of a new international study by Swiss agency DigitasLBi, which analyzed trends in the retail sector and highlighted shopping habits and expectations of Internet users from 17 countries. The countries that took part in the survey included Australia, Belgium, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, France, China, India, Italy, Japan, USA and UK. Cash is increasingly being replaced by electronic transfers in real time. Peer-to-peer solutions such as Paymit from SIX are taking over the markets.

One buyer – up to five end devices

Consumers across the globe nowadays expect markets and retailers to offer omni-channel and multi-screen solutions as standard. Indeed, online shoppers now use up to five end devices – computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs – during the purchase process. This is in sharp contrast to 2014, when the average was 2.8 devices.  Worldwide, 17 percent of shoppers say they own at least one wearable device. New products such as the Apple Watch will boost this figure even further.  55 percent of those surveyed said that smartphones have changed the way they shop for good.

Success factor: "in-store shopping experience"

Smart retailers are able to identify the major trends and use these to create the perfect shopping environment for their customers. According to the study, in-store pick-up is increasingly becoming a preferred purchase option. This is when a customer chooses the product online in the convenience of their own home and then picks it up in person from the store. 62 percent of those surveyed said they are more likely to make a purchase if the retailer customizes the shopping experience. 75 percent register with online stores whose offerings are specially tailored to their needs and preferences. 

Smartphones are becoming our most important shopping companion

Never have there been so many different ways to shop as there are today. Customers want to save time and money, and smartphones are becoming an indispensable shopping companion. 56 percent of shoppers revealed in the survey that they like using their smartphone to make purchases and would welcome an expanded range of services in this area. Smartphones are therefore building a bridge between the online and offline world, opening up new opportunities for targeted consumer marketing. 

Social shopping is becoming more and more important

Social media is having a growing influence on our purchase decisions. Facebook, for example, has changed the shopping habits of more than half of those users surveyed (52 percent). By comparison, in 2014 this figure was just 36 percent. 46 percent say they are influenced by Pinterest, 43 percent by Instagram and 36 percent by Twitter.  Almost one in three users (28 percent) worldwide have already made a purchase directly via a social media platform (so-called social shopping). The United Arab Emirates tops the social shopping rankings, where 56 percent buy via social networks. Online reviews are also gaining in importance: 66 percent of customers read this information when they shop online, while 36 percent consult it when making purchases in stores.