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Issuing Processing

SIX Payment Services offers customized, modular solutions for the processing of debit, credit, prepaid and bank cards.

Our issuing processing includes a range of systems and applications that enable banks to shape their card management to meet their individual needs and requirements. The infrastructure is designed so that processes can be initialized, monitored and the data modified at any time and in real time.

Debit Card Processing

Comprehensive solutions for the issuing and processing of debit cards (Maestro/bank cards) and prepaid cards as well as for online card management.

Credit Card Processing

The greatest possible efficiency for a wide range of card products with one of the Europe's most powerful technical platforms.

Fraud and Risk Management

Customized solutions for authorizations and the detection, handling and prevention of card misuse.

Outsourcing of Additional Services

Profit from our outsourcing services including helpline and blocking services, which we provide around the clock for card issuers and cardholders.

Consulting Services

Profit from our many years of experience in card-based payments! We provide you with comprehensive, competent and solution-oriented support.



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